Affordable Rates

Private Lesson: $40
Per individual; up to 2 hours

Private Group Excursions – $35 per person
3 person minimum; up to 2 hours

atxabPaddle Board Sales
FHP is an authorized dealer of SupATX Paddle Boards.  We offer the finest boards for paddle boarders of every level (we will assist you in fitting for your individual board) and complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed. As a bonus, FHP provides an adjustable carbon filter paddle and leash with every paddle board purchase. You will not find a better value for your purchase in our area!

An Experienced Instructor

johnJohn Manelos
FHP Owner and Lead Instructor, John Manelos is a mature, experienced waterman. He ensures that each lesson is a fun and safe experience for participants. Unlike other paddleboard companies, we don’t simply rent a board or give a quick, five-minute lesson. Participants will receive one-on-one instruction and supervision until each paddler masters the paddleboard experience.

Safe Experience
Special attention to safety is a #1 priority for Fairhope Paddleboard and every participant.

  • Water conditions and weather are always evaluated prior to the commencement of activities.
  • Safety requirements exceed USCG requirements established for this activity.
  • Board leash is required to be used at all times by paddlers.
  • Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is required to be worn by paddlers. FHP utilizes non-obstructive, inflatable belt PFDs. These slim devices are worn around the waist and provide flotation only after activated.

Although it may appear difficult to those never experiencing, with proper instruction, paddle boarding is relatively easy to learn, only requiring average balance. It’s a great way to experience nature and the water with friends, family or simply by yourself.

Mind-Body Benefits  
Paddle boarding places you in a quiet water setting, in nature, where you reflect on what is bigger than ourselves.  Many have found it to be a quiet, reflective time to think…or not at all. In addition, the paddle boarding is a great workout for muscle and core strengthening, cardio, and balance improvement.